Biography for Ron Hays
Digital 1980

Ron Hays (who was lost to AIDS in 1991), specialized in creating story-fantasy and bringing it together with music, visuals and visual effects. He CREATED and DIRECTED concerts, industrials, arena shows, benefit dinners, celebrations, ceremonies, and spectacles.

In 1980, he also produced a video art compilation of music, computer graphics and art called RON HAYS' MUSIC IMAGE: ODYSSEY. This animation was produced using the Scanimate system.

In 1982, Ron designed the nighttime spectacular sky opera entitled THE DREAM, using 30 searchlights, 4 skytrackers, one helicopter-suspended flying saucer 30’feet in diameter, video presentation on screens simultaneously with the effects mentioned above. Sequences used dramatic computer and electronic effects coordinated with media effects including lasers show (laser beams and digitized laser animation on video screens_ and 700-foot long helium rainbow of BALLONS with flags of all nations suspended from beneath. Show was repeated at US FESTIVAL TWO, 1983.

In 1988, pioneering large-scale projection artist Ron Hays and artist/producer Joan Collins collaborated to create the Opening Ceremonies for the new Pacific Design Center (PDC). In what was an extremely rare achievement at that time, large-scale video projections of computer imagery were projected onto hovering balloons flying aloft above the PDC. It was a significant example of public art and a part of digital art history as well as the history of West Hollywood.

In 1985, he was the Co-Artistic Director of ON THE THRESHOLD, an experimental evening with 38 artists – using dance, lasers, light and theater effects, projections and video. Created sequence, MAN IN A GLASS CAGE with Russel Clark using dance and video projection. He was interviewed about this on “2 On The Town” TV.

He created VISUAL MUSIC using electronic, film, slide, and computer animation, digital video effects and live-action imagery. His “visualizations” are created as TV programs, home videos, or giant video, film, and or slide projections for live special events. He also created VISUAL MUSIC sequences for feature films, music videos, and for pop, rock, and classical concerts nationally and internationally.

In 1981, he was the Keynote speaker and moderator at Bradley Freidman’s 1st INTERNATIONAL VISUAL MUSIC FESTIVAL at UCLA “The Artist and Visual Music”.

As a LIVE EVENTS DIRECTOR he combined his “visualizations” with narration, with or without performers, live lasers, lighting and special effects, fireworks, balloon art and illusions.

He also was an EMMY-winning DESIGNER-DIRECTOR of video effects and graphics for television music shows, show-opens and corporate logos. He is the creator of VIDEO EFFECTS LIBRARY OF 420 electronic animations which he licenses to producers and directors for TV, feature film, commercials, industrial videos, broadcast promotion and live concerts.