Biography for Jon 9
System Designer/Programmer
Holonyne Corporation

Jon 9 - Post-Digital Media Artist and Gongster, merges the cascading soundwaves from four massive gongs ("Energy"); and runs the VIRTULARIUM at 130 Penn Street, El Segundo, CA 90245. He is a Creative Technologist developing and deploying storytelling solutions using large-scale complex digital display systems in art, entertainment, education and commerce. At our HOLONYNE MultiScreen Design, Production and Programming Studio in Los Angeles, we are developing the VIRTULARIUM® Theater, using our WallSite® Videowall Programming Software and our patent pending WallSite® Videowall Engine - creating the platform and developing the techniques to lead a revolution in how humans interact with complex digital display systems in the Virtual Age - without glasses or headsets.

In Development: the WallSite Foundation - a not-for-profit organization dedicated to enabling the creative and effective use of multi-screen technology in the arts, entertainment, education and commerce.