Biography for Kate Crash
Live Performance

Kate Crash called by one LA weekly critic; as her ‘favorite collision between art and music’ will end the night with a live music performance, which is part Bukowski, part Blondie with equal parts performance artist, pop singer, fashion muse, Kate Crash cut her teeth performing mime on the streets of Tokyo. In 2010, Crash caught the attention of legendary rocker Joan Jett and signed to Blackheart Records for an EP. In the most post-modern of ways, Crash is enthusiastically all over the map. Her Influences include electro-house, glam, punk, indie-pop, and Kabuki Theater. Based in Los Angeles, Crash is a “glam punk alien cross-dressing renegade robot from the future”.

Kate Crash is a visual, musical, and a performance artist. Her work marries extremely weird activist avant-garde conceptual art with pop. Crash's work is shown in a variety of spaces including on stages, galleries, and online.