Biography for Han Jin

Han is a world-traveling serial entrepreneur who worked and lived in 8 different countries. Born in China, raised in Germany, and finally settled in the United States because of his profound appreciation for the Bay Area startup culture after graduating from UC Berkeley. The problem solving ethos embodied by the entrepreneurs here inspired him to develop innovative approaches to founding, running and scaling startups. This has lead him from his first web-based startup directly out of Berkeley to his first IoT hardware startup on Kickstarter to his first non-profit startup in Y Combinator's Summer 2014 batch, and finally to his current endeavor in the Virtual Reality space - - a company in the Berkeley Skydeck Accelerator.

He and his team believe that immersive content captured by LucidCam will ultimately disrupt pictures and videos forever. He was a speaker at the NAB Show in Las Vegas and panelist at several VR events. Since moving to the bay he has also enjoyed being an advisor to YC companies, a judge at Stanford and Berkeley Startup Competitions, and a mentor at the SanDisk accelerator focused on bringing entrepreneurship into a corporate environment.