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An Exploration of Quantum Art with Generated Techniques, "PlotChains" and the Future of Storytelling

Date: December 13, 2022  Los Angeles time.

7:00p - The Live Stream will start on Zoom, and is Free for all. Registration is still open.Watch the Hybrid Event on Live Zoom Stream.  All are encouraged to REGISTER for free for the Zoom Stream.  There is still plenty of room.  You must register here to gain access to the Zoom. 

6:15p - Members' In-Person presentation is SOLD OUT.  The In-Person presentation is for MEMBERS ONLY, and is SOLD OUT.  No more seats available at the VIRTULARIUM Studio, (El Segundo). 

Tuesday, 13 December 2022
130 Penn Street El Segundo, CA. 90245
Creative Technologist
VIRTULARIUM Studio Holonyne Corporation
Artist - New Media
Media Art Nexus (MAN) at Nanyang Technological University Singapore
Artist - New Media
Media Art Nexus (MAN) at Nanyang Technological University Singapore
Artist and Professor
UCLA Department of Design Media Arts Director of the Art Sci center at the School of the Arts & Architecture California NanoSystems Institute (CNSI)

Enjoy A.I. projects of some theoretical quantum physicists, and presentations in an Immersive environment.  All presenters will display their latest Short-projects.   These presentations will also be shot with multiple 4K cameras and Streamed live to Zoom.

Jon 9 will play his latest version of "2025: The HISTORY OF THE FUTURE" Trilogy is an experiential long-form narrative representing the future of storytelling. The transmedia format includes many different story elements presented on a variety of media in both physical and virtual spaces. Non-linear in structure, the experience can take different forms for different individuals depending on where, when and how they engage with the multi-faceted story world.  In 2025 most people will live their lives entirely online, as complex avatars in hyper-real virtual worlds - working, playing and loving in elaborate 3D virtual environments, linked through the Metaverse via a global quantum backbone operating at the speed of thought.

Mark Chavez & Ina Conradi; Media Art Nexus Studio will present “An Exploration of Quantum Science with Generated Techniques.”    They have been creating content for a large-scale LED platform at Nanyang Technological University Singapore for the past five years; where artists, scientists, and engineers meet, exchange ideas, and collaborate.   Mark and Ina’s presentation will elaborate on their creative research initiatives from artworks that inform the casual audience of aspects of quantum mechanics with cultural archetypes to innovative animated, co-immersive spaces viewed by thousands of people at the university daily.   On "Moirai: Thread of Life," they worked with theoretical quantum physicists and previsualized with A.I. this experimental animation, (2022).  These most recent works explore the unique artistic potential of A.I. and Machine Learning, investigating how to apply this technique to the creative process for inspiration and as a final medium of expression.   This collaboration with machine learning facilitates the creation of new landscapes where artists, poets, musicians, scientists, and philosophers can more easily actuate incredible imaginary worlds.  Ina and Mark's talk will inform the casual audience of aspects of quantum mechanics with cultural archetypes to innovative animated, co-immersive spaces.

Austin Blaisdell will discuss the philosophy & impact around using AI as a toolset. He will present various examples of turning 2D imagery to 3D assets using a plethora of different softwares available. He will discuss the incredible use cases & the importance, as well as, potential dangers of this technology. And finally, will show a 3-minute short film, directed by Austin Blaisdell - All pieces in this film were designed using his unique design pipeline.

Austin is a design strategist, director, and developer who uses AI technologies, 3D design solutions, VR/AR, and the entire digital universe to project visions into real life. With a focus in worldbuilding, visual direction, and design solutions spanning various international projects. He employs design systems and strategies within the frameworks of innovative digital tools of various magnitudes, in order to create innovative change & shape ideas from concept to real life. Working across several industries between the world of high-fashion, architecture and technology - to large scale developments of super-cities and immersive content. He is passionate about the equilibrium of humanism, nature, and technology while pushing the world forward by bridging the gap between the digital & physical world with technology, interactive design, and art.

Victoria Vesna will join us.  For this event, she will lead the audience on site and online simultaneously in a hybrid collective meditation: ALIEN STAR DUST: Signal to Noise.  Bring your headphones!   She is the innovative professor, from the UCLA Department of Design Media Arts; uses digital technology to help reshape conceptions of art.    With her installations she investigates how communication technologies affect collective behavior and perceptions of identity shift in relation to scientific innovation. Her work is focused on environmental issues and involves long-term collaborations with composers, nano-scientists, neuroscientists and evolutionary biologists.  At the Art Sci center, she is currently collaborating with curator Anuradha Vikram on a large exhibition, "Atmosphere of Sound: Sonic Arts in Times of Climate Disruption," for the Getty museum’s Pacific Standard Time PST: Art X Science (2024). 

LINKS to Victoria's media:

Schedule is in Pacific Standard Time (PST) - Los Angeles


December 13, 2022

6:15-7:00  -- In Person (Members only) - Doors Open 

         -- In-Person - Social Hour and food & bev.

7:00-9:15  -- Presentations - (In-person & Live ZOOM streamed)

   7:15-7:50  -- JON 9

   7:50-8:15  -- MARK CHAVEZ & INA CONRADI

   8:20-8:50  -- AUSTIN BLAISDELL

   8:50-9:15  -- VICTORIA VESNA

9:30      -- End (In-person & Live streamed)


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Special Thanks

VIRTULARIUM Studio, Jon 9's venue.  And special thanks to Ina Conradi & Mark Chavez, for flying here from Singapore.  To Allen Blaisdell for turning 2D imagery to 3D assets.  And, Victoria Vesna from the UCLA Department of Design Media Arts.  Thank you also to Jon 9 for the content programming; to Joan Collins, Producer; and to Leonard Daly and all members of the Executive Council of the LA chapter of ACM SIGGRAPH.  

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