Virtual Production: The Lion King

Tue, 02/11/2020

Join us for a panel featuring a team from the Lion King virtual film production co-produced by LA ACM SIGGRAPH and the Creative Technology Center.


The Lion King broke new ground in movie making. The film’s stunning animated imagery confused audiences into believing it was a live-action movie when it was 100% made with computers. The film also made huge advances in Virtual production, allowing the filmmakers to use familiar tools to shoot the movie as if it were a real live action set.

Join us for a panel discussion with people from every area of the Virtual production. If you are curious about how it was made, come and ask the people who lived and breathed it throughout the process.

For the purpose of getting food and a seat for everyone, please RSVP on our event Meetup page.


6:30-7:30   Social Hour
- 6:30-7:00   Members only
- 7:00-7:30   Members and guests
7:30-7:45   Introductions
7:45-9:00   Panel
9:00-9:30   Audience Q&A


All LA ACM SIGGRAPH will be admitted free of charge. Non-members of LA ACM SIGGRAPH are admitted for $20.00. New LA ACM SIGGRAPH members who sign up on-site, and pay the $40 annual membership fee, do not have to pay the $20 admission fee. The chapter accepts checks, cash, or credit cards (Mastercard or Visa only) for all dues or fees.

Special Thanks

Venue sponsor Creative Technology Center, Edward Dawson-Taylor, Mark Rickard, Michael Page, the SIGGRAPH Executive Council including Ed Lantz, Ed Arroyo, Tim Everingham, Leonard Daly, Sherry Steele, Smita Bagla and all of the volunteers.